Steps For Conducting An Elevator Safety Inspection

In Singapore, local regulations outline all requirements for elevator safety inspections. The process must include all components connected to the elevator and at all sides of the equipment. Local lift maintenance contractors perform the services and ensure that the property is compliant with all laws.

Inspect the Elevator Pit

The contractor starts by reviewing the lights, stop switch, and all outlets. Each of the components must operate properly, and the contractor must conduct proper testing. Next, the contractor must determine if there are any signs of leaks inside the pit and ensure that health hazards aren’t present. All spring buffers should be inspected for any signs of improper alignment, corrosion, or insecure connections.

Next, the contractor reviews the guide rails and rollers. The tests for the components are outlined in the safety manual for the specific elevator model. The rollers and guide rails should enable the car to move up and down with ease.

The next step is to determine if there are any signs of wear to the travel cable. Any defects require the immediate replacement of the cable before any passengers are allowed to use the services. The final step of the pit inspection is to ensure the sump pump functions properly and is clean.

Inspect the Top of the Car

The door operator and connecting components are tested first. The doors should open and close with ease. The contractor must make sure that the doors don’t close too quickly and cause an injury.

Next, the hoistway is evaluated for any pest infestations. The inspection should determine that there aren’t any signs of damage present. The travel cables on top of the car are inspected next to determine if there are signs of tearing or snags.

Inspect the Machine Room

The contractor must determine that the machine room doesn’t present the possibility of overheating. Inspections are also conducted to determine if any leaks are present. All electrical components should be lubricated as needed.

In Singapore, laws and safety regulations apply to the installation and maintenance of all elevators in commercial properties. According to the laws, the contractor must perform the inspection at least once each year and present a report to the owner of the building. All commercial property owners who need an inspection can contact a contractor right now.

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